Facility Details and View of Plant

Facility Details and View of Plant

Facility Details

Engineering Gas Collection Facility (diameter of 1200 mm; Collection Wells D150A-105 units)
Construction Main Building (2 stories, 432m²), Weigh Station, etc.
Machinery 3 Gas Blowers, 4 Gas Compressors, 2 Gas Engine Generators, Gas Holder (3,000m2), 24 types of 35 pieces of equipment
Electrical Onsite Control Panel, Distant Control Panel, Distribution Panel
Landscaping 220m2 of Landscaped Area (8.8% greenery)

Gas Process Diagram

Collection Facility : Vertical Well LFG Extraction System

Resource Facilities

Collection Landfill Gas Extraction Generation Utilizes Landfill Gas for Facility Power
Scrubber Removal of Acid Gas Gas Flare Stack Disposal of Excess Gas or Customer’s Request for Stop
Filter Separation and Removal of Particles Gas Holder Storage of Purified Gas

View of Plant