Landfill Gas Site

Landfill Gas Site


located in the city of Daegu, is where this sanitary landfill gas site is operated. Here the waste from households and factories is safely and sanitarily buried using fresh soil at a large-scale environmental-friendly site.

Daesung Eco-Energy successfully operates this sanitary landfill gas site in a manner that reduces the normal foul smell from such sites to an absolute minimum. (Daegu City safely manages the leachate runoff from the site.) As a result of Daesung’s efforts a variety of wildlife now flourishes on nearly by Waryong Mountain. In addition, this mountain has become a favorite trekking route for local residents. Daesung Eco-Energy will continue its efforts in conjunction with the city of Daegu to ensure that residents continue to benefit in many ways from this resource.

LFG to Energy Project

Location 820 Dasa-ro, Dasa-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea
Area 585,334 m2(landfill area: 435,096 m2)
Estimated Landfill Amount 15 million tons
Start of Landfill May, 1990
Major Facilities 3 weigh stations, 1 leachate facility

Landfill Facilities

  • Type Standard Expanded
    Location 820 Dasa-ro, Dasa-eup, Dalseong-gun
    Size 435,096 m2 853,400 m2
    Capacity 9.225 million m3 23.154 million m3
    Period 1990.05-2012.10 Life of Landfill Site: 20 yrs. after construction
    Note Construction completed 2011.11.12