About Daesung Eco-Energy

About Daesung Eco-Energy

Daesung Eco-Energy was

established in October 2002 as a private sector Special Purpose Company (SPC) following its successful bid to operate the Bangcheon-ri, Daegu landfill gas (LFG)-to-energy project.

The Bangcheon-ri area had long been a source of public complaints to the city of Daegu due to the foul smell emanating from the original waste dump site. Completed in 2006, this LFG project collects annually 50 million cubic meters of LFG (which contains 40~50% methane) from the landfill which is then sent through 7.9 km pipeline to Korea District Heating Corporation to be supplied to 110,000 households. In addition to providing jobs, another success of this project has been its certification by the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) as a Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) for 3.30 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent up until 2019.



Daesung Eco-Energy looks forward to exporting its technical and operational know-how to the world.

Company Information

Company Name Daesung Eco-Energy, Co., Ltd. CEO Sukhyung Lee, Phd, PE
Investors Daesung Holdings, Hwasung, SGC eTEC E&C Type of Business Manufacture and Supply of Landfill Gas
Established May 24, 2004 Capitalization KRW 6.7 billion
Revenue KRW 6.6 billion (2019) Listing Not Listed
Employees 13 Address 822 Dasa-ro Dasa-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea (42926)
Telephone +82 (053) 593-1890 Fax +82 (053) 593-2121
Email deeco@korea.com Homepage www.deeco.co.kr


03.22Company named changed to Daesung Eco-Energy
02.29Company name changed to Daesung Energy & Environment
10.20Operations Begin 09.30Facility Construction Completed
05.10Facility Construction Begins
12.23Contract Concluded with Korea District Heating Corp. for the Supply of Landfill Gas 05.24Daegu Eco-Energy Incorporated 02.27Enforcement Agreement Concluded & Operator Chosen
08.30Official Announcement of Private Sector Facility Investment Plan

Dedication Ceremony